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Digital Marketing

Understanding digital marketing…

Digital marketing has been all the rage in the last decade. It sounds very cool and trendy and for the same reason people often use it in the wrong context. So what exactly is this ‘digital marketing’?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term used for the marketing of any products or services on a digital platform. When you think of digital don’t limit the thought to just internet or social media. It can also include mobile advertising, podcasts, games, SMS messaging and much more. In the 21st century with the rise of the digital generation and social media, the pre and post purchase behaviour of an average customer has changed drastically. He does not want to be preached to, he wants to have a conversation with the brands he engages with. He expects greater transparency and more personalised and immediate response to his thoughts. This is exactly where digital marketing comes to the rescue.

Digital marketing can not only help in marketing a product to the consumer but also helps in keeping the customer engaged, assisting the customer through and post the purchase, receive their feedback etc. By having a good digital presence across multiple channels the brand makes it easier for the consumer to access it.

But let me tell you, digital marketing is no easy feat. You are communicating with an unknown prospect who you want to convert to a customer and one day your advocate. The magic lies in how effectively and deeply you understand this ‘unknown’ customer. So how do you go about it?? Let’s see…

The digital marketing process as the consumer goes through the purchase process…

Exposure and discovery:

The first thing to do is create a digital presence touch points. You can do this via owned (your website, pages, blogs), earned (customer advocates, PR) or paid media (traditional ads) !


There are two ways to go about getting traffic to these pages.

Inbound Marketing

where you use techniques like content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimisation to increase the relevance of the brand to the target customer and thus attract him.

Outbound marketing

an interrupting way of marketing to get as many people as possible through advertising, cold calling, email campaigns etc.

Consideration and conversion

Now that they know about your brand and your products lets get to business! The visitors are now your potential customer and you need to persuade them that you are the best option out there! The best way to go about it, is talking to the customer from his shoes, understanding his needs, unspoken issues and providing solutions to those. Content marketing to the rescue!

Now don’t you get me wrong, conversion doesn’t just mean sales, it means getting the visitor to act on your Call To Action be it signing up in the website, subscribing to a newsletter, liking a social media page.

Measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing helps you get accurate insights, as to what extend your campaigns are working and which ones are more effective, unlike traditional marketing where your only indicator is rise in sales. Analytics help you in identifying the effectiveness of your contents and the media used, thus allowing you to further optimise it.

Now that you know how to go about the process, the question is how do you do digital marketing for each of these stages via various platforms. To find out stay tuned to my upcoming series of blogs on SEO, SEM, social media marketing and much more. Until then Stay original, Stay digital!

Retention and CRMRetention and CRM

Now that you have got them to buy your product, you are done? Not at all. The sale is just the beginning. The success lies in how you keep your customer engaged, reduce his dissonance and retain him. The retention must not be only for the customer but also the visitors since they are our future customers.

Wait…. We aren’t done yet. The best part of digital marketing is yet to come.