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Crash Course in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Crash Course in Kochi

Digital marketing is a technique of high impact marketing by reaching the customer directly through digital platforms. The extensive reach of digital marketing irrespective of geographic and demographic barriers is its key attraction. The results are also much more prompt, efficient, measurable and gives better ROI than conventional advertising, that more and more brands across the globe, small and big are opting for digital marketing and setting aside a considerable size of their marketing budget for it. This essentially means there is a huge demand arising for digital marketing personnel and it’s only going to get bigger!

If you are observing this boom around you and wondering if you should try a hand, you have come to the right place, the best digital marketing training institute in Kochi. For a quick career change into digital marketing, all you need to do is attend DM Wizard’s digital marketing crash course in Kochi. By only spending a month and a half, you can learn all the essentials for the job from experts with years of experience in the field, by working on live accounts. We cover all essential digital marketing modules and tools you would need to work as a digital marketer. The main areas our curriculum covers are SEO, SMO and PPC, all essential skills a person needs to handle a brand digital marketing campaign individually. In SEO you essentially learn how to rank a page in Google’s Search Engine Results Page using keyword analysis, content managements etc., SMO mainly deals with optimising website to be more social media friendly, allowing shareability, SMM includes maintaining social media profiles and also running paid campaigns like pay per click and effectively measuring them to gain insights for further actions.

As important as gaining skills and practical knowledge are, equally important in this field is formal certifications by reputed organizations. At DM Wizard, not only do we provide you with our course certificates, but we also provide you with Google certification in Adwords and analytics, which can significantly improve your chances of getting selected in interviews of the best companies. Come join us for the best digital marketing crash course in Kochi and give a push to your career instantly.