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Digital marketing is the marketing of any products or services on a digital platform. Digital marketing includes podcasts, games, mobile advertising, SMS messaging and much more. In a generation where a vast majority of a potential customer’s time is spent online and other digital platforms, brands and organizations have realized its potential and have started leveraging on it to market their products and services. This has resulted in emerging digital marketing firms, job opportunities and even digital marketing training in Kochi and across the world. Digital marketing is not just used for marketing a product to the consumer but for customer engagement as well. It helps talk to the customer directly, hand hold him through the purchase, get feedback, give post purchase support and all the while measure accurately the effectiveness of every action taken. An integrated digital presence across platforms ensures a seamless user experience and easier access to the customer.

From the angle of a digital marketer, to achieve the above feat he must use well thought out combinations of SEO, SMO, SMM and content management. Of the above, the marketer himself needs to be well equipped with knowledge of SEO, SMO and PPC. This is exactly what we offer through our digital marketing courses in our digital marketing institute in Kochi.

Let us briefly see what each cover. SEO or search engine optimization is the ranking of a website or a page high in the search engine results page using relevant content and keywords. This ensures the page’s visibility to anyone who searches for a related topic on their browser. The second most used method of the search after a search engine might be social media, so optimizing your page and marketing it on social media is also equally important, that is what you learn in SMO. As important as natural following and reach is, sometimes you need to boost your reach through paid campaigns for higher or quicker results. This is done through PPC (pay-per-clicks), where marketers run ads for relevant keywords and pages.

Our regular digital marketing course of two and half months cover all the necessary modules for you to start working as a digital marketer including SEO, SMO and PPC and their measurements and analysis. The expertise and experience shared by our expert trainers of years of experience combined with working on real live projects and campaigns will make you industry ready and confident in no time. Not just do you acquire skills, but you also get assured Google analytics and Google Ads certification, taking you a step beyond the rest.

It’s time to end your boring job and take a leap into a constantly evolving job encouraging you to constantly learn. Come join DM Wizard, one of the best digital marketing training institute in Kochi, for a life changing and career building experience, enabling you to get well paid challenging digital marketing jobs in with immense growth potential.


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