SEO Tools

Understanding SEO Tools Having an attractive and user friendly website will do you any good only if it’s visible and easily accessible for someone looking for you or something similar to what you are offering, online. This is achieved through Search Engine Optimization. SEO requires a ton of activities and keeping track of them efficiently […]

What is internet marketing and How it works

What Is Internet Marketing   Internet marketing is a term loosely used for digital marketing. However, the truth is, internet marketing is only a subset of digital marketing. While digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers all marketing techniques using digital channel or media like the internet, mobiles, web TV and Radio, internet marketing only […]

Digital Marketing Training

Learn from the experts in digital marketing The amount of time we spend online has increased significantly. So naturally, so has the potential for brands to reach us directly through digital channels. Brands and firms recognize the immense potential that marketing though digital channels hold, like the direct reach, effectiveness in targeting, efficiency, cost and effectiveness […]

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Leveraging social media to promote your business With the whole wide world going digital and more and more people turning to social media for anything and everything, from finding friendships and relationships to buying their favourite clothes or shoes, having a strong social media presence is now more important than ever before. Businesses can use […]