5 things you don’t know about modern SEO

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SEO is an important part of brand marketing. However, heavy usage of keywords is not enough to do that. You have to cut an extra edge with the advanced SEO tools that are used these days. Needless to say, the strategies to use the keywords have also changed, depending on the user behavior. Here is a list of five things that you might know about modern SEO:

  1. Using LSI keywords: These are related keywords, which also need to be written about or highlighted when the search results pop up. These keywords are prospective points of interests or the audience who are looking for information on the main keyword. The LSI keywords are often used thus “you might also like to know…” or “Related searches”.
  2. Local SEO Marketing: Local connects can always help you with more connections. This is particularly useful in word-of-mouth cases and if in-person sales are involved. Local SEO can help you target users who have interest in your brand and would be ready to shop. In other words, local SEO uses geo-targeting and location services tracking. This is very important for developing ads, which will be viewed only by the audience who could be your potential customers.
  3. Meaningful content: Writing about anything would not help. Ensure that the content on the main topic and those in the related searches are relevant. Quality information is something that we all look forward to and so do our customers.
  4. Social Media SEO: These primarily help in link building where links from your website are posted on social media channels and vice versa. This plays an important role in Google ranking because it vouches for your credibility and authenticity.
  5. UX does it all: Imagine a website that is not easily navigable, takes time to load and is not mobile friendly! Remember, there are increasing number of users on their smartphones these days than their desktops. It must also be remembered that to target the right audiences within a given frame of time, it is important to ensure that their experience online is unforgettable.

If you are someone who is interested in Digital Marketing,you can enroll into one of the centers offering digital marketing training in Ernakulam regularly educate large number of young students who aspire to build their careers in this field. If you are looking to become a skilled digital marketing professional, following these tips can help you a great deal.

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