5 ways to generate leads with Instagram stories

Given the wide audience reach on the Internet, companies are increasingly opting for digital marketing. The main aim of digital marketing is to promote a business entity and make buzz about it on the Internet. This is done with the help of Facebook post, LinkedIn Inmailers, guest blogs and ghost blogging. However, Instagram is fast picking up speed in tandem with the other mediums. Beat this:
• Instagram has over 800 million active users every month.
• There are over 25 million business profiles on Instagram
• 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business and at least 60% say that they have learnt about a product or service provider through Instagram.
That is probably enough to prove that Instagram is not for personal use anymore and business entities are taking equal part in building up their audience base over the platform. Here are some tips to generate easy leads on Instagram:
1. Update the profile 3-5 times a day: Ensure that you keep updating the profile every day at least 3-5 times, if not more. It could be with a video, a picture story or even a post or an update. This will catch the attention of buyers who are 35 years and below.
2. A call to action does wonders: “Swipe to know more”, “Call us to know more”, “visit our profile” These are some common CTAs that can motivate the readers to visit your profile.
3. Engage the audience: Emojis or polls can help you drive even more traffic. Poll, or instance, gets the audience thinking and instigates them to act and visit the site.
4. Engage yourself: Respond to other’s request on the platform. This will make your presence felt and people will be intrigued to know more about you.
5. Create hashtags: These are important, because these will help you land with the right audience.
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