Backlinks – Things you need to know

What is a backlink?

In simple words, backlinks are the links on other websites which leads to a page on your website when clicked.

How to get backlinks?

There are a lot of ways to get backlinks. One of the ways are, to create quality content and post it on other websites. Another way is to build a relationship between the owners of other sites and blogs, contribute content which is beneficial to them along with your backlinks. Another way is to list your business with business organizations that are relevant to your business in your industry or other niche or regional directories.

Some facts about backlinks :

  1. Backlinks are links on a website that carry the user to a different site once clicked.
  2. Anchor text – It is the clickable part of a text which can be a keyword, a URL or those phrases which are not the keywords you target.
  3. Backlinks can be in the form of a text or an image. When the link is an image, the alt tag of the image will be the anchor text.
  4. Building backlinks is neither a cumbersome task, nor it needs any special skills. Above all, it’s about getting in touch with people and building relationships with other site owners.
  5. Rather than posting a link separated from the content, or listing the links, it is always better to post the link inside the content.
  6. It may take weeks for a new backlink to be credited to your website. To update the results of the search, Google must first find the new link, and then work it into its algorithm.
  7. Getting a link in a powerful position on a widely visited page makes it important, as it will carry a continuous flow of targeted traffic to your website irrespective of ratings.

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