Digital Marketing – Importance of Visual Content

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Social media is used by everyone. It is the best way that you can reach your customers. You can market your products to targeted customers at really low costs. In traditional marketing, people spend a lot of money to advertise their products. But does it result in that great amount of conversion more than they have spent? That is always a question, but through digital marketing, you get the best conversion rate and you can track the leads and conversions that are happening. 

We all know that content is an important part in digital marketing. But the importance of visual content in digital marketing is also increasing day by day. It is a matter of fact that over 130 million tweets and more than 2 million videos are uploaded on social media every day.

Why the visual content is important in digital marketing because people are visual beings. They prefer to buy the products which they “see” online rather than they read or hear about. Visual content grab the attention of the customers faster than any article or podcasts. Studies shows that the people on social media are more engaged to visual content. About 45% of online users agrees that they provide great response to the visual content more than plain textual content. For example, the tweets and facebook posts with images will get about 5 times retweeted and engagements respectively when compared to those tweets and posts without images.

High quality content posted on social media can bring you more shares, likes and engagements more than a plain text can. An engaging visual content may reach more people by great number of shares, and it can also make people understand what you are trying to deliver through that post easily. 

Video content is also a great way to engage your customers. More than 90% of customers agree that they would rather watch a video than reading a plain text article about a product. More than 60% of customers are willing to buy a product after watching a video. 

So the visual content such as images, videos, infographics etc are said to be more appealing to the online consumers. This will not only improve the impressions and engagements, but also help to attract the target audience.

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