What to expect from SEO in 2019: 5 Predictions?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in making brand’s presence felt on the Internet. It plays a key role in determining whether a brand appears on the top during Google search. SEO has already come a long way and is likely to move ahead in time when it comes to advanced search engine optimization. SEO can be done through blog writing, ghost blogging, guest blogging and more. However, here are a few predictions for the current year and the years to come that will change the way SEO has been functioning till now.
1. There will be fewer clicks: Featured snippets, invisible organic results, knowledge boxes have been responsible for reduction in clicks on organic results.
2. Usage of unique keywords will further reduce the CTR. These are technically called the “dangerous” keywords.
3. Google will be keener on increasing the CTR of its clients. So, brands will have to fend for themselves when it comes to making themselves appear on the first page of Google search result. Building a brand is important which involves building trust by offering quality products. Branded searches are the key to long-term SEO success.
4. Voice search is in and it is here to stay. Creating effective SEO content, on-page SEO, UX optimization and Link Building will now be revolving around voice search. It is believed that approximately 75% of the voice search results appear in the top 3 results on Google.
5. The website needs to be mobile-friendly because mobiles would be the key drivers for increased traffic on a website. This is the reason why Google rolled out its mobile first indexing. User Experience of the site should be exceptional, because that will encourage users to know more about the brand. Imagine if a site is non-navigable, the returning visitors will dwindle, affecting the image of the brand.

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