A Glimpse Of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a highly targeted marketing technique where a digital marketing institute or digital marketing analyst sends a commercial message directly to the prospective or current customer via emails. The content of the mail may vary from maintaining relations to making sales. E-mails are sent to email lists that are either procured organically or are bought. Commercial emails are usually sent via specific email service providers like MailChimp due to their large numbers. Personal mails providers like Gmail don’t support more than 500 recipients at a time.

The various types of emails sent are:

Transactional Emails

These emails are to facilitate or complete a transaction the recipient has begun. These may include confirmation emails, reorder emails, purchase receipts etc

Promotional Emails

These are usually used to communicate information regarding the company. These are interruptive in nature. They may include offers, new product catalogs etc.

Some advantages of E-mail marketing are:

  • They are cheaper than most marketing techniques, thus highly efficient
  • Faster than traditional mail
  • Exact ROI can be measured easily
  • Insights on efficiency by Email service providers
  • Highly targeted audience
  • Personalized Communications
  • Customizable to various devices


The Process Of Email Marketing:

Designing strategies to obtain email ids


This is where the users give content to the business to use their email ids for communication. This makes sure the users are interested in the subject and hence will have a better click-through ratio. So how do you get viewers to opt-in?


Ask for their mail id such that you add value to them by providing relevant information. You can send newsletters, offers, and discounts etc.


By making your website ‘sign-in only’ or providing files only after entering your mail id, you can force viewers to opt-in.

2. Buy

There are various websites online where you can purchase targeted email list as per your requirements. These might be your target audience, but they have not shown any explicit interest in your product or service. Such lists may have lower CTR


Choosing the design layout for subscription options


The various layouts that can be used are:

  • They are cheaper than most marketing techniques, thus highly efficient
  • Lightbox
  • Sidebar
  • After the content
  • Footer

Setting objectives:

While using e-mail marketing setting clear Smart objectives is of utmost importance. Also, define clear KPI’s to measure them. Various common objectives are:

  • Increasing Traffic to the website
  • Promoting awareness about the brand/category
  • Nurturing Leads
  • Completion of the transaction via follow up or assistance
  • Customer relationship management
  • Increasing Sales


Deciding on various factors involved in the approach

Some such factors can be the template of the mail, the timing of the emails, call to action options. Some insights regarding the same are:

  • Emails have high CTR on Fridays
  • Best time to send emails is between 8 P.M and 12 A.M
  • Clarity in subject line improves CTR
  • Email with highly personalized content have a better response
  • The major reason sighted for unsubscribing is a high frequency in mails

Measuring and optimizing the campaign

Various Email service providers also provide accurate insights and metrics as to what are the CTR, ROI, Spam rates etc. These metrics can help us understand the effectiveness of the various above mentioned factors like segmenting, content and timing of the emails etc.

  • Further segment the Email list based on the insights from responses
  • Make emails with responsive templates
  • Make emails optimizable to mobile devices
  • Measure ROI and focus more on segments with higher ROI
  • Explore Email tools further to improve the campaigns
  • Retarget viewers who have gone inactive
  • Optimize campaign continuously as per insights from various metrics.

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