How do you use forums for marketing?

digital marketing

Have you noticed that when you search a keyword, along with the websites and blogs, there pops up a number of forums like Quora. Do you know why? Because search engines like google loves forums for their genuine and original contents and natural discussions. There will be debates and discussions going on which are very different from the blogs which are mostly used for search engine optimization.

This reason makes the search engines to send more traffic to the forums. Creating your forum and posting useful and valid information on it along with your link on it can make the people reach your website, by naturally searching for things, reach your forum, participate in the discussion and then learn about your website in the process. This process brings traffic back to your website.

You can also make use of the ads which requires a paid subscription. Affiliating links, donations or scholarships etc are also another benefit of using forums.

If the people who read your forums useful and genuine, they will start following you and there happens a naturally built loyalty towards you and your website. Websites like quora are a platform for people to have the question and answer sessions, discussions and debates.

Forums are now an important part of digital marketing, since there is an opportunity to post valid and useful information and drive traffic back to the website. 

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