How To Start A Attractive And Trendy Travel Blog?

Out of the many types of blog subjects that are popular, it is the travel blog that is highly read simply because people love to see exciting new places in photos and videos.  With interesting and informative content post alongside, a travel blog can get a huge number of followers, which  can lead to an attractive source of income.

Start You Travel Blogs With These Easy Steps

The first step to starting a travel blog is of course choosing an appropriate name for it. It should be unique, distinctive and also classy. Keep in mind not to have to long a URL and ensure that the site name is available in various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc

Next you need to select the right site host, which should be something that is low-cost, with a good chat support team and capable of resolving issues in just minutes. You can find such qualities with BlueHost. Once you have got the hosting ready, look into WordPress to install it. Choose your WordPress password, pick a theme, slogan for the blog, specify that you have a business WordPress site and proceed to launching the site.

Next get into your WordPress account and start blogging. Before doing this select a theme and header for the blog. Write out your travel experiences along with images and post them. You can make the post interesting with examples and personal messages. Check out various plugins that can be added to the site to make it easier to manage such as Comments Not Replied To, Interactive World Maps, Yoast SEO etc. Next install Google Analytics so that you can track how many people are visiting your site everyday.

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