The Role of Social Media Optimisation In Digital Marketing

Marketing is a set of activities that are used to promote or sell products and services and digital marketing is an extension of marketing that has adapted to the new age customer and we enables entrepreneurs and job seekers to utilize this strategy with our digital marketing course in kochi.

It drives the core point of marketing which is to reach the customer where he is and it has to be in today’s context i.e. online. Like anything in this world, change is the only constant here too! Marketers have noticed an increasing involvement of customers in social media than any other digital media like TV, radio or so. This can only mean it’s time for marketing to evolve to this trend. Here comes social media marketing into the picture. Social media marketing is the latest extension to digital marketing which otherwise included blogging, e-mail marketing, SEO, SEM etc.

Social media marketing includes activities done by brands to create an online presence on various social media platforms and communicate with and engage customers on these platforms. Social media is highly efficient because of numerous reasons. This new age marketing, helps you know and target your customers better, respond to or address issues quicker, increase brand recognition, recall and loyalty, generate, engage and convert leads and many more. And through all this it also works as a source of information, gives you valuable insights and helps you measure your efficiency.

All this must give you an idea on how important social media is for digital marketing. So, the question is how do we make social media more marketing friendly and utilise it to the fullest? The answer is social media optimization.

Simply put, social media optimization is about making your brand and its online presence and content more social media friendly. These include on page activities that help make your content more like able, shareable etc. The whole point of SMO revolves around the fact that your customers are your best marketers. Their words are the most credible. So, rather than pushing your content through paid ads or marketing, make your content more people and social media friendly and let your customers do the job for you.

Thus the ultimate objective is to create attractive, easily shareable content so as to get easy content flow thus driving traffic to your website or page. The easiest sightings of SMO are those of social media icons you see embedded in online pages and content, the subscriptions buttons, the social log in options etc. Thus you are essentially making it easier for the customers to engage with your brand.

To understand the role SMO plays one should understand that it is the driver of every SMM campaign. Only if content is social media optimised can it go viral irrespective of the quality of the content or your marketing efforts.

The role of SMO in digital marketing is huge. SMO helps you improve your visibility and your ranking on SERP because the impact social media shares have on SEO algorithm is enormous.

Search engines understand the importance of your content and its relevance through its social media likes and shares. Some specific websites also help you emerge as thought leaders in your area.

Twitter is one such example. Large number of retweets of your content can establish your relevance and credibility. While social media platforms like twitter and linkedIn is where you talk to the thought leaders and the niches, it is on platforms like Facebook and YouTube you talk to masses. This is where you go for large reach and impact.

Thus SMO plays a vital role in establishing your online presence, making it accessible and visible. Without SMO a large part of digital marketing that is social media marketing efforts would be futile. Though SMO has the greatest impact on SMM, its indirect impact on other features of digital marketing like SEO, SEM etc. are also immense. So if you are a digital marketer or you want to create a good online presence for your brand you must start by establishing a strong base of relevant content that is social media optimised.

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