How is social media marketing influencing brand engagement?

Every business organization yearns to retain their old customers while generate new ones on a regular basis. This is something that can only be achieved by focusing on brand engagement. When brand engagement is heightened, it can lead to excellent audience participation. The brand of a company is not merely it its name and logo […]

A Glimpse Of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a highly targeted marketing technique where a digital marketing institute or digital marketing analyst sends a commercial message directly to the prospective or current customer via emails. The content of the mail may vary from maintaining relations to making sales. E-mails are sent to email lists that are either procured organically or are […]

Understanding Branding Techniques

The boom in internet usage and access of a larger population to smart phones and other personal devices has lead to a drastic increase in the time we spend online. The internet has become a primary source of our information, interaction, engagement and more. This essentially means that brands now have many more direct contact […]

SEO As A Career

Search Engine Optimization is a booming industry and has gained popularity as the next big career path globally. SEO is the science of optimizing a website to improve visibility and ranking, when searched by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO has direct impact on scaling up sales of a completely online business like […]

Future Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing with its exceptional effectiveness, measurability, reach and targeting is becoming the most preferred mode of marketing for organisations to communicate with its customer. The industry is worth 6.8 billion USD and is growing at a striking 40% when most other sectors are not able to keep up with a 5-10% growth rate. This […]