Top Details To Know About Rich Snippets And Why They Should Be Used

Rich snippets describes structured data markup which can be added by site operators to existing HTML. What it does is enable search engines to better understand the information that is held inside every web page.

About Rich Snippets

Why do rich snippet work and bring about good conversions for a site. The primary reason behind this is that it is structured data, which enables search engines to quickly pick up different types of information in your site and display it for various types of queries on the internet, which inturn gives your site greater visibility.

In order to understand how rich snippets work, let’s take an example. When your website shows up in Google search listings, it displays the site URL, title and important meta description that has been given by you to the page. However, with rich snippets, Google will show more information in a product, business details, reviews etc.

There are many types of data to which rich snippets of structured data markup should be added. These include people profiles, reviews, product details, business and organization information, event details, music album information, video content. In each of these types, rich snippets should be added only to visible content and not hidden text.

The benefits of including rich snippets into site’s content begin to show after about two months from implementation. You will start experiencing slowly a rise in site traffic and after two months the changes experienced are significant.  Sites that implement it are easily listed in various search queries. Site operators find that after rich snippets implementation, there is more is click through and decrease in bounce rates.

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