Top Instagram Tips For Better Conversions And Greater Sales Figures

Out of the many fast growing social networks, one that must use is Instagram. It can help your business reach out to the target audience very effectively, generate desired sales and increase customer base. 

Tips For Getting Better Conversions From Instagram Account 

Add more hashtags to an instagram story, gives a striking color to each, make them as small as possible so that you can have multiple hashtags per story which helps to increase outreach

Expand outreach by breaking the 30 hashtags barrier by adding 30 of them in the description and comments section 

Put in content that’s reality well-researched and on highly important topics into your intsagram page and add them to a collection of such content, which increases its relevance and also inturn audience outreach

Posts with Emojis get a lot of interaction than those without as they show the real effect of a particular incident or event through a smiley face which reflects the real human face

When you post stories in Instagram, you can be sure of getting a lot of readers than what is gained by just post feeds. By driving more engagement with your brand sales figures increase drastically

Make use of long captions for your stories which though many brands actually avoided doing, is actually working today due to larger interest in information

Write content that invites people to tag to others who are a source of inspiration to them. When this is done, your content is not just known to the follower but can also be viewed by a friend who is tagged

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