Understanding Branding Techniques

The boom in internet usage and access of a larger population to smart phones and other personal devices has lead to a drastic increase in the time we spend online. The internet has become a primary source of our information, interaction, engagement and more. This essentially means that brands now have many more direct contact channels through which they can converse with their current and potential customer. If such a large portion of a brand’s customer accesses it on a digital platform, digital branding no longer remains to be an option, but has rather become a necessary strategic move.

‘Branding’ as fancy as that sounds is basically the usage of various digital marketing techniques like search engine optimization, social media marketing and advertising in a strategic manner to develop an overall image of the brand online. The concept of digital marketing being execution is also long gone, with understanding the objectives and goals of the business and hence the brand becoming the center to digital branding.

To truly harness the power of digital marketing for branding, you must be well versed in the various aspects of digital marketing like SEO, SMO, PPC, Fb ads and more, since it is a strategic combination of these that result in achieving an image you desire.

To begin with you must rightly identify the target markets and their needs and wants. Only after differentiating the various segments can you apply the techniques of digital marketing to appeal to those segments. Without aligning the actions and the brand’s objectives digital marketing is pointless, and this comes with experience and insights gathered over your career.

We at DM Wizard, try to share these insights to the best of our capabilities through a compact yet thorough syllabus that covers all essential modules you need to know to have a prosperous career as a digital brand manager. Our modules essentially cover the following:

How to increase the visibility of the brand through SEO: keyword analysis, on page and off page optimization and customized content sharing for various different platforms

How to make the brand social media friendly:  from Social media optimization of the website, social media account management, running paid campaigns and ads on various social media platforms

How to create quick awareness and traffic through Google Ads: handling Google ad campaigns, bidding on relevant keyword, analysis their performance.

With the right use of the above knowledge, you can turn digital platforms to not only a sales channel but also a marketing and branding channel by constantly understanding and meeting customer needs and wants throughout the buyer cycle. But never forget branding is not just digital marketing, it is a combination of all actions of the brand, oriented at creating an image in the mind of the customer, including offline activities and even its products

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