Video Marketing: A Leading Marketing Trend in 2018

A very important facet of an overall digital marketing campaign is video marketing. Instead of writing lines of copy or adding numerous pictures into the advertisement, a video ad uses a crisp video to talk about the product, service or the company. It usually contains shots of the product, the company, and of course it has user testimonials as well. Let us look at some of the most common features of a video marketing campaign, and how they can help liven up your Digital marketing services campaign.

Purpose : There can be different objectives for a video campaign. Some are created only for sharing information about a company’s products. Other campaigns could be more specific, and made to promote a new product being launched. Some videos have a more specific purpose of trying to increase traffic and generate business for the website. The creator of the video campaign should be very clear about the purpose.

Storyline : As you will learn in a good Digital Marketing Training in Kochi, the video ad needs to have an interesting storyline which ends with the message that is sought to be conveyed. That is what will set it apart from unending copy or a deluge of pictures.

Early Strike : You should remember that social media ensures that every visitor is bombarded with hundreds of videos through the day. For your ad to stand out, it must make an early impression that makes the viewer stay on till the end, otherwise it is very likely that the visitor will move on to another video.

Call to Action : Even if yours is just an informative video, it is important that the viewer is engaged in some way once the video ends. That is why your video marketing campaign should end with a specific call to action which ensures that the visitor continues to stay with you even after the video has ended.

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