What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a method of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating messages. Any variation of customer relationship enhancing email with the purpose of maintaining customer loyalty and procuring repeat business or those with the intention of acquiring new customers or convincing them to purchase a product falls under this broad category.

  • Email marketing has numerous advantages over traditional mail marketing such as:
  • It helps you track the exact return on investment.
  • Email marketing is the second most efficient online marketing method.
  • You can reach a significant number of email subscribers with relevant, personalized messages.
  • It is cheaper than other channels of advertising.

How is it done?


The overall design of the email including the layout, images, color and format like text or HTML has a huge impact.


Response rates increase when you make the emails relevant and personalised to each recipient.


Instead of sending out an email that recipients will receive overnight, having it pop up in their inbox during the working dayhelps to grab their attention. This also allows you to test outwhich timing works best for which email.

Copy writing

You need tocontemplateover all aspects of the language, from subject line to your mail signature. With emails, remember not tosave all links for the last sentence. Throw them in early to seize that spontaneous customer!

Landing Page

If you want your emails to turn into sales discussions, don’t simply hyperlink customers to your home page but show them exactly where to go and make the forms quick and easy to complete.

Email marketing is an important toolin creating customer relationships. Use it well and it will certainly augment the success of a company. Digital marketing course in Kochi and SEO training in Kochi offers you training in this flourishing field.

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