What is internet marketing and How it works

What Is Internet Marketing


Internet marketing is a term loosely used for digital marketing. However, the truth is, internet marketing is only a subset of digital marketing. While digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers all marketing techniques using digital channel or media like the internet, mobiles, web TV and Radio, internet marketing only comprises of activities that need an internet connection to operate. A large part of digital marketing does come under internet marketing since they need the internet to work. For example, a mobile application can operate without internet, however social media cannot. This is essentially the basic difference between internet marketing and digital marketing, but to understand in depth join our online marketing institute in Kochi

The main activities that come under internet marketing are:

  • Website
  • Search Engine Optimization and marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • Display Ads
  • Each of these will be explained in detail both in theory and practice in our online marketing course in Kochi.

Internet Marketing Process

Every process with a particular end goal has a procedure to go about it systematically to obtain optimal results. We at DM Wizard, train our students in a systematic approach in our digital marketing course in Kochi.

Need Analysis

Understanding the business objectives, needs, and results required by the client. This is vital in ensuring the strategy we formulate is in alignment with the required results.

Market study and analysis

Not only do you need to understand the needs of the customer, but also the trends of the industry and the strategy of the competitors. It also important to study your target audience and their characteristics to formulate an effective strategy to reach them.

Holistic Search Engine Optimisation

SEO practices both on-page and off-page to improve the visibility of the website/ page in Google’s Search engine result’s page. This doesn’t limit to just keyword ranking, but much more activities like website optimization and so.

  • Domain name- A standout, easy to recall and relate domain name, relevant to frequent search keywords can be identified and registered.
  • Website development- the pages, titles, content and more should be such that it ranks the site high in search engine
  • Keyword research – based on frequently searched keywords, customer needs, brand associations etc.
  • Keyword ranking – a dedicated team of designers, content writers and developers optimizing every description, tag and title to improve traffic
  • On page and off page activities- includes content updations, best coding practices submissions and link building to attract Google SE spiders and crawlers.


Website maintenance and support

As well designed and optimized as a website is, it is no good if it isn’t well maintained and updated with high-quality content. It also needs to be updated to keep up with changing relevant keywords and Google’s latest SEO algorithm.


Along with the organic reach of SEO, a website needs to be marketed using SEM, that is paid ads that improve the website’s visibility in SERP. This is primarily done using Google Adwords. Also,

keep in mind

  • The website or pages must be easily shareable via social media etc
  •  Must be multi-device friendly
  • Boost site speed by compressing images, moving to faster hosting etc.
  • Increase dwell time by writing longer content
  • Use internal links leading to your other pages


SMO is the optimization of the website to make it more social media friendly and easy to engage with. This primarily includes creating content that is attractive and have the potential to become viral and also providing features like share, like and comment to the content in the page.

Beyond this, a consistent social media strategy also needs to be developed keeping in mind the brand’s priorities and goals, which needs to be implemented across platforms seamlessly.

To complement the organic activities and for faster result, it’s always good to parallelly use paid ads like Facebook ads and more. They can be highly targeted, efficient and give good ROI. Facebook ads also provide accurate metrics that give insights into the effectiveness of the campaigns. These ads need to managed using Facebook Ads manager to optimize and monitor them.


Besides this as per requirement, we also need to use E-mail marketing, display and banner ads and more. Hope the piece gave you an understanding of the basic, for in-depth knowledge on the same or others join our online marketing institute in Kochi.

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