What You Should And Should Not To In Marketing Your Brand Through Facebook

Facebook is an important social media platform through which effective and strong marketing can be done for a brand’s products and services. However, maximum interaction is gained only when certain rules are followed when interacting with target audience.

Important Dos And Don’t Of Facebook Marketing

  • Make sure that your profile picture at the top of the page is a recognizable one
  • The about  us area of the page must be filled with important and relevant information about your business
  • Cover Photo, Profile CTA and Pinned Post are instantly visible to those landing in the page,  so make sure that your messaging matches with them to gain maximum audience engagement
  • Many companies try having a dummy account but this should be avoided at all costs as it violates all terms and conditions of backbone
  • You can better engage with the audience by segmenting organic posts by gender, education as this offers greateroutreach
  • Create high quality but fewer posts per day than too many posts. A company that has 10000 followers has 60% lesser interactions per post when they make posts that are 60 times more than they ought to per month
  • Make use of Facebook insights and tracking URLs to post exactly that type of content which the audience likes and interacts most with
  • By adding good images and video content, your post will be viewed more and shared. When visual content is used in a facebook campaign, it get 65% more engagement right after just one month

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