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Google Adwords

Will Money Get You To The Top Of The Search Engine Result Page?


A large portion of our online experience begins with a search. This puts a lot of power in the hands of the search engine to shape our online actions. When you are randomly searching for a good online digital marketing course and you type in those word ‘digital marketing courses online’ are you not handing over to the search engine, the power to influence your decision? Do you not go by what it shows you? Do you not trust the top listings to be the best? So does the other 2 billion internet users across the globe. The various search engines realise this potential and have tapped into it, converting it to their primary source of income, ADVERTISING. In 2015 Google made 68 billion dollar from ads alone.

So where are all these ads we are talking about? We don’t see any popping up when we make a search! Well… here they are, at the top of the SERP.

Google search ads are carefully crafted to merge into your search experience without any interruptions. They appear as sponsored results on the top (4) and bottom (3) of the search engine results page (SERP). These ads are called as paid listings in general and as Google search ads specific to Google SE and are clearly marked with an ‘ad’ symbol. In its latest revisions Google have come up with newer formats of search ads like


Dynamic Snippets Ads:

They have dynamic additional information that shows up with the ad.


Product Listing Ads:

It is specifically used for online shopping ads an contains item name, price, seller name etc.



Local Ads:

Used for searches specific to a location and contains directions and link to call.

Call Only Ads:

Drive phone calls to your business. It Includes phone number and is seen only in devices that can make calls.


Dealership Ads:

Ads include details about various dealers of the searched product including directions, click to call etc.


Ads With Extensions:

Has specific additional information that the advertiser wishes to share.



The price for the advertisement space is determined by a bidding process where advertisers bid on keywords relevant to them. The bid depends on competition. If the number of interested parties is more, one will have to bid high to outbid competition so as to be placed on the top of the SERP. An advertiser may pay anywhere between 0.01 USD to 100 USD per click based on keywords. Keywords like loans, insurance etc. have high bids.

The payment can be on various bases like CPC where the advertiser pays per click on the link, CPM where they pay per thousand impressions, CPM where they pay per 1000 viewed impressions, CPA where they pay per action taken and many more.


  • Expected click through rate
  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page experience


So if your objective is to get good visibility to attract traffic quickly, Google search ads is the most efficient and instant answer. But to answer the question ‘Does Money Get You To The Top Of The Search Engine Result Page?’. No, it doesn’t. This is not one of those things that merely money can buy! To make sure you have a good standing in the SERP and your marketing budget is put to the best use, you need to make sure your website is SEO friendly which in turn increases your quality score resulting in a lower CPC spend on your paid ad without compromising its AdRank.

Hope you now understand the significance of Google Adwords and the various ways you can use them. To find how best to leverage them, it’s best to get practical experience through our digital marketing training & SEO training in Kochi. After all practice makes man perfect!