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You have all heard that joke ‘Where should you hide something you never want to be found? On the second page of the Google search results’. That’s right, nobody ever goes to the second page of Google results. So, to stay relevant and visible to your target customers you have to make sure you end up in that first page when a search relevant to you is made. This is exactly what SEO does.

Search engine optimisation is a great way to attract the right traffic to your website because about 93% web users begin their online actions via a search engine and while doing so 70-80% users prefer an organic result over a paid one.

Let’s begin by understanding what is SEO?

SEO is a set of techniques that affect the visibility of a website or webpage in a search engines unpaid organic results. The higher you rank, chances of getting better traffic increases. ‘Unpaid’ doesn’t necessarily mean zero cost. SEO looks at how a search engine works, which search engine your target traffic prefers and what they type in when looking for something, and optimising your website to it. For this you may need to alter your content, HTML and the basic coding to increase its affinity to the relevant keywords. This involves a lot of time, work and resources.

Types of SEO

On Page SEO

In the past, on-page SEO mainly meant key word placement. Not anymore, website ranking algorithms are much more complex now with 100s of components. Here goes some of the most important ones along with some tips to make them efficient


Keeping the URL of the website simple and including the keywords is of utmost importance, not just to increase relevancy of the page, but also because this URL may be used in various inbound links

Page title

Keep it precise and include keywords at the beginning and the name of the company at the end

Use different page titles for each page

Meta description

It is the description of a page you see in the search results. Using keywords in it will make a vistor prefer your page over another


They are the more prominent texts in your content and can be seen in the form of <h1>, <h2> in your HTML code. Including keywords here helps in the ranking

Body Content

As important as the use of keywords in your body is, one should make sure to create relevant and useful content that reduces your bounce rate.
Do not stuff the body with keywords by repeating them.


Images help in many ways:
They show up in image searches
The relevant file name, title etc for the image help with search engine ranking
Engages the visitor thus decreasing bounce rate.


Also keep in mind:
  • The website or pages must be easily shareable via social media etc.
  • Must be multi-device friendly
  • Boost site speed by compressing images, moving to faster hosting etc.
  • Increase dwell time by writing longer content
  • Use internal links leading to your other pages

Off Page SEO

These are the activities you or others do outside your page that improves its ranking. It increases the credibility of your website to the search engines via mentions in and links to other websites / pages. Having a lot of good quality links implies that you have good content that provides value.
Focus must be on

Link building:

This helps in higher exposure as well as improved page rankings. The quality of the links matter more than the number. A link from a highly ranked page weighs more than a normal blog. Some ways to get links are:

  • Directory listings
  • Forum participation
  • Blogging
  • Link exchanges
  • Guest blogging (on own blog and for other blogs)

Social media:

With the rise in popularity of social media it has become highly important to have a good social media presence and also to monitor conversations about your brand and content being created by users on your behalf. Sentiment analysis, social mention etc can be used for this. To know more about social media marketing stay tuned.

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