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Facebook Marketing Training in Kochi


Facebook is the largest social networking site with almost 2 billion users. It has shown exponential growth in the past few years of its existence and is expected to continue the same. About 70% of Facebook users log in on a daily basis. These are no small numbers! And anywhere where there are a large number of people ready to listen there are people there marketing something. This creates a need for well-trained Facebook marketing professionals and hence we provide Facebook marketing courses in Kochi.

As important as organic reach is, it’s equally imfacebook marketing training center in kochiportant to boost your visibility when you are in need of faster results or need wider reach. That is where Facebook marketing comes into picture. With precise targeting, high reach and ROI Facebook ads is now one of the most desirable methods of social media marketing and this is why we see the emergence of many Facebook marketing training institutes in Kerala and across the globe.

When talking about Facebook ads, there are certain basic concepts you must understand to understand and improve the effectiveness of the ads by the analysis of its metrics and gaining insights from it. Every Facebook ad account can run various ad campaigns and ad sets. Each ad can be customised to meet its particular objective, which could be to create awareness, drive traffic, create conversions or more. For understanding these concepts in depth join us at our Facebook marketing training center in Kochi

Facebook ads account

Every Facebook account has an ad account, beyond this account, you can also use other accounts whose rights have been shared with you. To set up your ad account you need to provide billing information, mode of payment and budget. If your billing fails or balance is depleted all active ads will be paused.

Ads manager

Ads manager is the platform where you manage all your ad campaigns. It is here, you get options to customise and target and run your ad and also measure the outcomes in terms of reach, results, cost per click and more.

Types of Facebook ads


  1. To increase traffic to website
  • Domain ad – These are ads displayed in the right column which includes a title, a small description and a display URL
  • Page post link ads – Newsfeed ads are ads with large images and a post text and link description.


  1. To improve sales
  • Multi product carousel- Similar to newsfeed ads, but contains multiple images & links sliding
  • Dynamic product ads – these are retargeting ads, which are displayed based on past history
  • Lead Ads- these ads have call to action buttons that are best for getting leads


  1. To improve likes
  • Page like ads- the ad includes post text, a large image and link description and has a like button, thus helping audience like the page without having to leave the page they are on
  • Page post ads- These can be page post text, video or photo ads that are highly engaging in nature


  1. To increase installs of Apps

Mobile app installs- these ads can be fine-tuned to choose what type of operating systems (iOS / android) ad what version mobile phones must view the ad. It also contains a call to action ‘install now’ prompting quick action

Steps to run a Facebook ad

  • Choose the objective you wish to achieve through the ad. It could be sales, likes, downloads or even brand awareness
  • Specify your target audience. This can be done based on gender, age, location, likes and more
  • Location of the ad needs to be specified. Should it be in Facebook, instagram, applications or network websites.
  • Set your daily or lifetime budget for the ad.
  • Select one of the ad types mentioned above based on the result you desire
  • Run your ad
  • Measure the performance of your ad and alter it to get optimal results based on the insights from various metrics.

These are only the basics, to develop a career in the same you need to get formal training at our Facebook marketing training institutes in Kochi. We also suggest you take the complete social media marketing training as a part of our Digital Marketing training course in Kochi, to be well equipped with basic knowledge of all platforms. This can help you get the social media marketer in many good firms.