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Lead Generation

Understanding Lead Generation Techniques

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Digital marketing is still widely misunderstood to be just a PR gimmick; an easy way touch withn touchwith your customer, create and maintain an online image and push content to your customers in alargely organic way. However there are many more objectives that can be a digital marketing by properly strategizing and aiming your efforts towards this specific such objective that is accurately measurable and who’s ROI can be easily found out is Lead generation.Did you know that organic digital marketing generates three times leads over paid methods, and that too at about 40% the cost? So shouldn’t we make the best of this opportunity?Let us discuss in detail what the primary methods are or tasks involved in digital marketing aimed beyond just campaigns and intended at closing sales.With time passing and digital marketing evolving, the whole concept is developing into an overlap of its various pillars namely SEO, SMO, Content marketing, FB and Google ads. And with all of theses specifically targeted at Lead generation, you can develop a lead generation system with great conversion rates and ideal ROI. Let us take a look at how each contributes to lead generation,


Search Engine Optimisation

A high lead generation is of use only when it is generating the right kind of leads that have a higher chance of conversion. This can be done with the help of SEO by doing keyword analysis and optimising your site towards the right keywords, thus improving the visibility of the site, to customers who require your product or service, are already convinced and are searching for it,rather than pushing it to people who don’t need it and hence need convincing. A well optimised website, responsive to multiple devices can generate huge amounts of leads every month through organic methods.

Social Media Marketing

With billions of social media users, the channel has become one of the best and most precisely targetable lead generation source in the digital space. Rather than just using social media to keep your customers engaged, why not explore its potential to generate strong leads by influencing consumer behaviour in various stages of the consumer’s buying cycle. Now with various platforms focusing on lead generation by directly providing a call to action buttons or ways to take you to a platform where you can make the actual transaction, leads and sales through social media is growing exponentially.


New age marketing is exploring how to create sales by adding value to the customer. Rather than pitching for sales, marketers explore how effective content and storytelling can develop a customer and direct him towards sales. The key here is to create content relevant to all the stages of a customer’s buying cycle from how the customer becomes aware of you to post purchase assurance and assistance. With the right guidance and influence, content can prove to be a strong lead generator.advertising, cold calling, email campaigns etc.

Paid Advertising

This is a very obvious and effective method of lead generation. Under paid advertising we at DM Wizard mainly cover two of the most efficient and highly used ones, Google PPC ads and Facebook ads. By covering them you essentially cover how to improve the visibility of the your product in both the major sources of information of our generation, search engines and Social Media. It isn’t that other ad spaces like yahoo, Bing, twitter, LinkedIn etc. are not relevant, they are very much so for specific types of audiences. However, since Google and Facebook are the sources used by most, our primary focus will be on them.

Landing Pages

No matter how well we do the above, unless we provide a proper and easy way for the customer to follow through to reach us, make an enquiry or make a purchase, the leads move away. It is important we provide dedicated landing pages for individual campaigns. Landing page is the page that you go to when you click on an ad, a call to action button or so, where you can take the next step towards a sales, in terms of providing your information, requesting information, getting a quote or other actions like that. The content, design and user friendliness or the landing page highly influences the lead generation or bouncing of a prospective customer, since it is the first impression that the customer gets about your brand.