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 SEO Tools Overview

Understanding SEO Tools

Having an attractive and user friendly website will do you any good only if it’s visible and easily

accessible for someone looking for you or something similar to what you are offering, online. This is

achieved through Search Engine Optimisation. SEO requires a ton of activities and keeping track of

them efficiently is almost as important as doing them in the first place. Without tracking your

activities, its performance and results properly you may go off track and misdirected. This is where

SEO tools come into the picture. SEO monitoring tools help you accomplish your SEO campaign goals

by going about it systematically and analysing and controlling their results.

Before starting or even strategizing an SEO campaign you must first analyse your website and note

what is done right on it and what needs fixing, This can be best done with the site auditor of one of

the SEO tools we teach at DM Wizard, Raven. It helps you understand what your next step must be

and how you can efficiently do them. Some other highly used paid SEO tools are sem rush, sitelinear

and moz. While Raven is a paid speciality tool highly used in the industry, there are a few notable

free ones you simply cannot ignore; Google analytics and Google webmaster.

Google analytics is the world’s most used web analytics tool, and all for a good reason. It very easily

lets you track and report your website traffic. It lets you add its code to each page of your website,

which turns active when a user arrives on your page. It collects and processes data on how the user

interacts with your page and reports it in a concise manner. It also helps you track ad spends and


Google Webmaster now known as the Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google that

helps you track your SEO efforts of indexing your web pages and improving your visibility. It covers

all important parts of SEO like keywords, link building, indexing etc. It also helps you recognise crawl

errors, structural errors etc. so you can optimise them. Both Google analytics and webmaster will

be taught to you extensively in the SEO training course at DM Wizard.

Both of the above are only basic SEO tools. To professionally conduct SEO, you need to be aware of

the usage of Raven. Raven is basically a site auditor. A site auditor is a tool that helps you

understand how you can improve your site to best make it optimised to search engine crawlers and

hence ranking. Without optimising your website, no amount of off page tasks will lead to full

fruition. Raven assesses your website and details out both mobile and desktop issues that might be

causing you to get lower ranks in Search engines.

A tool like raven thus helps you find and fix your websites SEO issues, get reports of SEO rankings on

Google, support and monitor link building and at the same time also keep an eye on your


Come join DM Wizards SEO training institute in Kochi and learn from industry experts with years of

experience. We train you in all essential tools and techniques that are required for a professional

SEO Analyst by giving you practice on live projects. It is this practical experience and your knowledge

of cutting edge tools that will help you differentiate yourself from the rest and land a dream job.